Lixin Machinery


Global benefit

Li: benefit. xin: more gold prosperity, overall: global, development, prosperity

Waves ● Strong power

The power of the waves hitting the reef reflects the strong power of the product At the same time, it symbolizes the company's perseverance, progress, and positive attitude.

Overall feeling ● Flat feeling

The whale graphic is derived from the deformation of the letter O, according to the uniqueness and overall sense.
As the development trend of the modern future, flattening is easy to spread and post-production application.

Brand Concept

We are willing to work
with you for a win-win future

From the heart.
The same piece of soil, the same dream!
Be loyal to the beginning of the industry.
Pursue the concept of ingenuity.
Innovative product thinking.
Create exceptional service.
Friends please believe us, we are your best choice!